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Nor Cal Surf Shop offers Surf Lessons at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica. When you do a Surf Lesson with us the surfboard and wetsuit is provided to use for the day (see rentals for times due back on the equipment). Our instructors are experienced friendly and helpful and they know exactly how to get you up and riding the waves.

Surf Lessons are $94 per person or $199.00 for private 1-on-1 lessons.

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Surf Calendar

Why we teach surf lessons:

  • To help you learn ocean safety
  • So you understand the proper etiquette
  • To share the knowledge and technique we have developed over 35 years of surfing!
  • To share our love for the ocean with people of all ages

Why you should take lessons:

  • includes 2 hours of instruction
  • So you know how to be safe for yourself and others
  • If you learn the proper etiquette you won’t upset other surfers
  • So you have the much needed ocean knowledge
  • So you can save time when learning
  • Learning from a professional instructor shortens the learning curve
  • So you can get up and ride the waves sooner

What we teach:

  • Water Safety – Rips, Currents, Tides
  • Proper ocean etiquette
  • The right way to paddle and control surfboard
  • Proper wave body positioning
  • Ocean awareness
  • How to use equipment

How to prepare:

  • Weather conditions – (instructors call)
  • Drink water
  • Bring snack
  • Have open mind
  • Have positive attitude

What to bring:

      • Towel
      • Sunscreen
      • Water
      • Change of clothes
      • Swimsuit
      • Open mind
      • Learning cap



Click on your desired time-slot on the calendar below to book your surf lesson online!