About Norcal Surf Shop

Nor Cal Surf Shop Is The Official Home Of The “Original Nor Cal” Clothing Brand

Shawn Rhodes and Greg Savin first met as rivals in neighborhood football games at the local school yard. Even though Greg clearly remembers his team was the victor more often than not, Shawn always seems to recall it differently. Later the two met again around the age of 14 surfing. They have been the best of friends ever since.

Their love of surfing also lead them both to skateboarding and snowboarding.

In 1991, five years after graduating high school, Greg and Shawn started the venture of Nor Cal Surf Shop. The shop has seen consistent growth in size and brand recognition every year since, always prepared to take it to the next level. The Nor Cal brand is ever growing in popularity and if you drive through its home town of Pacifica you will see countless Nor Cal T-shirts and hoodies worn by the locals.

Nor Cal is committed to providing unrivaled service to the local Surf community. Nor Cal’s dedicated board shop stocks over 200 surfboards. Nor Cal also services the local skate community and stocks just about anything a skater could need. There is a half pipe behind Nor Cal Surf Shop where Nor Cal Surf Shops team skaters train for competitions and also teach skate lessons.

Nor Cal has a wide selection of all the best Surf & Skate brands and stocks a large selection of apparel. Come check our store out today!