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Faces of Surf – Shawn Rhodes at the World famous break

No easy rhodes at Mavericks. Shawn rhodes reflects on his stellar career at the world famous break. BY NEAL KEARNEY. When considering the life of a standout Mavericks surfer like Shawn Rhodes, one might assume that his scariest underwater moment would be something like a two-wave hold down—an experience that has made some of the […]

The Best Surf Spots in Northern California

The truth is that the number one spot probably hasn’t been found yet. No, really. It isn’t called the “frontier of surfing” for nothing! Wild and rocky, with insane winds and more shark attacks on humans than anywhere else in the world, the Californian coastline from San Francisco county up to the Oregon border is […]

It Was Good to Be a Surfer in May

We often talk about “shoulder seasons” producing the best surf throughout the year. Shoulder seasons are when major climate patterns transition from one to the next — and during these transitions, more favorable (or even unique) weather patterns can develop. The move from fall to winter in the Southern Hemisphere is the quintessential shoulder season. […]

Red Bull Cornerstone Skateboard Series

In their continued support of grassroots skateboarding, Red Bull is bringing a preeminent amateur contest series to America’s heartland this summer. Dubbed “Cornerstone” as a nod to the region’s indoor skate parks that help keep the fabric of daily skateboarding intact through harsh winters, the series invites top skaters from the Midwest to qualifier events […]

Brave Surfers Take on Massive Waves at Mavericks near Half Moon Bay

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) — The Mavericks surfing competition may not even take place until next month, but these brave surfers took advantage of swells that grew up to 50 feet high. VIDEO: 100 scary seconds: What it’s like to wipe out on a 50 foot wave at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay Check out the […]